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Dynasty (王朝珠寶) 是一間珠寶首飾訂造專門店,創立於1995年,擁有多年珠寶設計、歐美批發及零售經驗〕,提供一站式專業、貼心的售前售後服務。

  • 私人定制– 歡迎來圖定制任何珠寶首飾

  • 首飾設計 – 過千款精緻設計款式任君選購,亦可提供舊款重新設計服務

  • 代客配對各款GIA鑽石、寶石服務 – 客人可按個人喜好、預算選擇不同GIA鑽石、寶石,務求協助每位客人不同的需要

  • 定制求婚/結婚系列鑽飾 – 可按客人個人喜好訂制與眾不同的求婚、結婚戒指及首飾

  • 提供客來維修甚至重新設計服務,歡迎 電郵  / 電話 2368-2628/ Whatsapp 查詢

Dynasty Jewelry 嚴選鑽石及其配件,堅持提供高品質、性價比最高的產品給每一位客人

Dynasty (王朝 珠寶) is an establishment that produces custom-made jewellery. Founded in 1995, we boast a long heritage of jewellery design, wholesale and retail experience in Europe and the United States].

  • Personal customisation- Full customisation of any piece of jewellery available.

  • Jewellery Design – Choose from thousands of exquisite designs. We also provide old redesign services.

  • Valet matching of various GIA diamonds and gems - We assist clients in choosing between different GIA diamonds and gems according to personal preferences and budgets, catering to different needs.

  • Custom Proposal / Wedding Series Diamond Jewellery - We assist clientele with customised proposal ideas with wedding rings and jewellery.

  • We also provide repair and redesign services for customers - we welcome Email  , Call 2368-2618 and Whatsapp inquiries.

Dynasty Jewelry carefully selects diamonds and accessories, and we insist on providing high-quality and cost-effective products to each and every customer.

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